Lembongan Island , Bali – 2 December 2015


SAM_2425Before heading to Lembongan Island. We purchased a returns ticket for two. The tickets cost is Rp200k. Estimated $25/= per one return ticket.

I need to take off my shoes as to get into the boat, I had to walk through the sea water. Sanur does not have a jetty.
As I have an injured legs. I have some difficulties to climb up the boat.
At last. I made it. Successfully on board the boat
Inside the boat heading to Lembongan Island.
I have to sit slightly higher than the proposed seats, as I was not able to see the sea view

Touch down at Lembongan Island – Pura Segara. The white sandy beach welcomed us. Eventhough the weather was a little hot, but we enjoyed the boat ride from Sanur Bali to Lembongan Island. Below is the map of Lembongan Island