At Jakarta Home. Aston Marina Apartment.Ancol 23 December

On 23rd of December 2015. We left our my home at Indus Road as to visit my home in Jakarta. At about 6.45am, we took a bus and MRT to Changi Airport Terminal 2. With my wife Happy and Feddy.

At Changi Airport Terminal Two. With Star Wars Stomp Troppers and Feddy

We reached the airport at about 7.45am. Check in the luggage and proceed to have some food. We have Nasi Lemak that we shared together.

After a short breaksfast, we decide to look for a chocolates. However, as the time doesn’t permit due to limited time. We decided to cancel the buying of chocolates.

We rushed into the boarding room. We took Tigerairways flight to Jakarta. The flight started to take off at at 10.00am and reached Jakarta 10.30am, Jakarta Time.

We took Damri bus which took us about 1 1/2 hour to reach our home at Ancol.


I was very excited as to reach our home. I took a photo of the sea view from our balcony

The view of Ancol Jakarta.

However,our home at Aston Marina Ancol was in a mess. The floor was full of dusts. We decided to do a full house area cleaning. I started with clearing all the dirty stuffs at our kitchen area, while my wife clean the bedroom.

Once done, we took our shower and have a Dhuhur and Asar prayers. We than headed to have our Late Lunch at about 3.30pm.

After lunch, we went to visit my wife’s Tante at Kalimalang. East Jakarta. We took a Bus Way from Ancol to Kampong Baru. And took Angkot (Angkutan Kota) to Kalimalang.

We had a great chit chat with Tante Ien, Mbak Endang and Mas Bektok. We meet Dian and Yusaini.

We left Mbak Endang house at abou 10pm, by Angkot and Taxi.

Reached home..we watched D Academy Asia Top 6. Irwan tersenggol..Eliminated…

Thats about all for a day in Jakarta on 23rd December 2016