Creative Master, Towards Quality Education International






KOPI, Pekanbaru – After successfully holding an international seminar in Padang Panjang, Siak, and Sawahlunto, PPWI continue to increase the intensity in Sumatra. This time, the city of Pekanbaru who became the target of the operation.
The seminar will be held on May 1, titled, Creative Teacher, Towards Quality Education International. A seminar-based training of teachers and principals. An effort to improve the quality of teachers as the spearhead forward the resignation of education in this archipelago. Yerwinda Lalengke, secretary of the organizing committee, reporter-Indonesia when contacted via cell phone, saying, the educational seminar was organized in cooperation between institutions PPWI and Creative Students, student associations in the city of the Sorcerer. Riau Regional Library building, Soeman HS, was chosen to be a convening of the seminar.
Currently, more Riau Islamic University student who daily Winda called it, the organizing committee is working on the implementation of recommendations from the Education Office of Pekanbaru. “We hope that, after the recommendations were issued by the Department of Education, the committee will be doing everything related to the preparation of this seminar, including the dissemination activities and spread the seminar invitation to educational institutions in this city,” he said.
This seminar will by Prof. Dr. J. Philip, education leaders, as well as the US Congress advisor. In addition, Wilson Lalengke, S.Pd, M.Sc, MA, a lecturer at Bina Nusantara University, who is also chairman of the National Board PPWI, Dra. Hj. Maimanah Umar, senator, and Kasmani Dollah, education leaders and faculty at several institutions of higher learning in Singapore, will also be a resource.
Material related seminars, Winda delivered, organizers have established the seminar material is Education in the USA, an Overview of How to Be Good and Creative Teacher; Creative Teacher Education as a key to success PeningkatanKualitas Indonesia; Realising Regional Triumph Through Quality Education International; and Education and Teacher Quality in Singapore as Developed Country.