31st December 2015. Witnessing Countdown 2016 at Ancol


At 6.30pm , we had made a simple preparation to snap and captured the moments of joy, welcoming the New Year at our home Marina Mediteranian Residence.

Trying my best to find the best strategic spot to have the best shot

However at about 10pm. My eyes are not able to withstand the beautiful cold weather. I need a shot nap. I fall asleep.

Suddenly at about 11.45pm. I was awaken by the loud bombing sounds. I woke up and saw the fireworks had started. I took a few shots.


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While I was enjoying and mesmerising the beautiful shows from the fireworks. Suddenly, I heard a loud boom sound.

To my surprised, Marina Mediterania Residence Management had their own fireworks right infront of our balcony. It was my first experiences having fireworks right infront of my eyes. I quickly took a video of the firework.