2 January 2016.Transjakarta. Visiting Mbk Iin at Cipinang Muara

Day 2 in the month of January 2016. We are invited by Mbk Iin and her husband Pa Abdi to have lunch at their home,  Cipinang Muara

We walked from our home Mediterania Marina Reidence Apartment to Ancol Busway Terminal Station


    Feddy is showing Flazz Card. We need to use this card for the payment to take a ride with Transjakarta bus.  



View of Ancol Terminal Station Busway. We took about 10mins from our home to reach the Station

I paid 3.5k Rupiah.~ 0.35cent Singapore Dollar. Slightly more expensive that the rate for taking KRL (Commuter Line) which I had to pay only 2k Rupiah ~ 0.20 cents Singapore Currency


I took the opportunity to read a book “Quantum Ikhlas” as the Busway Transjakarta is not packed with commuters.


We are so lucky, since it was a holiday, there are not much commuters in the bus, and more over, the bus is very new.


From Ancol Station towards Kampong Melayu, we alighted at Senen Station. From Senen Station towards Pulo Gadong, we alighted at Cempaka Timur Station


At Cempaka Timur Station, we walked through the skywalk to Cempaka Mas 2. Bus towards Cawang from Cempaka Mas 2, we alighted at Cipinang Muara , Kebun Nenas



From Cipinang Muara, Kebun Nenes Halte. We took BLUEBIRD taxi. It is highly recommended to take BLUEBIRD taxi, as compared to others. Because BLUEBIRD taxi is much more systematic and a good reputations in terms of their services

Dari bus Halte Kebun Nenas Cipinang ke rumah Mbk Ien, kami hanya perlu bayar 10rb Rupiah, tetapi isteri saya memberinya 15rb Rupiah ( $G$1.50/=) We paid 15rb rupiah ~ SG$1.80/= to reach Mbk Ien’s house ar no 10A Jalan Melati, Cipinang Muara




Home of Bu Ien and Pa Abdi, No 10A Jalan Melati, Cipinang Muara


Mini Reuni. From left to right. Suami Bu Eli, Bu Eli, Bu Iin, Bu Diah, Bu Ratna, Bu Happy, Cashmoney Dollar, Pa Abdi dan Pa Bahrom




Before we left Bu Ien and Pa Abdi’s home. We took a group photo


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