3rd January 2016. Spent my day at home. Mediterania Marina Residence Apartment


For the past two days, I had a busy day by visiting Happy’s friends. So, I decided to stay at home.

My wife had prepared Bakso which she had bought the ingredients from Mangga Dua Square Carrefour

After our Asar prayers, we went to 2nd Floor of our apartment. We decide to have our swimming activities at the Beach Theme Swimming Pool which is located between Block D and Block C. The swimming pool is slightly more space to swim. Whereas at Block C and Block B, the Lagoon Theme swimming pool is slighter smaller space to swim. After than, we went to another theme which is Waterboom Theme Swimming Pool. This pool is located between Block B and the Aston Hotel. This swimming pool is nice and beautiful sceneries

Today, we choosed the Beach Theme swimming pool, and we went to the Waterboom Theme to capture few shoots for myself, Feddy and my wife Happy

Below are the pictures taken with Feddy, Happy and myself

Feddy posing at Lagoon Theme swimming pool
 Happy is busy taking Feddy’s photo
Feddy and Happy is enjoying the beauty of Waterboom Theme swimming pool



We left the swimming as to go back home to perform ourvmagrib prayers. For dinner, my wife had prepared a special dish ASINAN BETAWI.