Umbrella Services. Ojek Payung



Ojek Payung. Umbrella Services


I really admired the children of Indonesia. Entreprenuership nature and “survivalship”. From Mbk Iin’s home, we catched the busway Transjakarta. Arrived Mangga Dua Halte, torential rains made us unable to continue our journey to Mangga Dua Square

Alhamdullillah, we met the children of Indonesia stands ready to provide the service to lend an umbrella from the bus stop to Mangga Dua Square mall)

My wife took one umbrella and continue our trip to Manggadua Square. We gave 5rb Rupiah ~$SGD0.70 cents for the Umbrella Service ( ojek payung)

Lesson learned from the experience of borrowing the umbrella, is the spirit of Indonesian children to make a living at a very early age . Hoping that our Singapore children will feel more gratitude in living their life in Singapore.