Recipe Beef Semur. Recipe from East Java. Indonesia

4th January 2016

For dinner, I had prepared a recipe that I newly found. It is called Beef Semur 

Beef Semur 

I bought the Beef Semur (ready to cook) from Indomart.  However, I added two eggs to make it more delicious.

I will share the recipe below:-


  1. 200 grm Beef cut in square shape
  2. 2 pieces red onions
  3. 2 pieces garlics
  4. 1 inch ginger
  5. 1 inch galangal
  6. 2 table spoons oysters sauce
  7. 2 table spoons sweet black sauce
  8. 3 table spoons salty black sauce
  9. 1 small size tomato
  10. 1 Bombay Onion
  11. 2 small green or red chillies 
  12. 1 large size red chillies
  13. sugar and salts

How to prepare:

  • Red Onion + Garlic + Bombay Onion and Chillies, cut into small pieces
  • Punch and crush the ginger and galangal
  • Stir fry all the ingredients, add the beef, oyster sauce, sweet black sauce and salty black sauce. Lastly add the tomato,  water, salts and sugar.

Happy Cooking



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