Ragunan South Jakarta. Zoo

5th January 2015. My wife and I are invited by Ratna :- my wife High School friend. As the journey from my home Ancol ( North Jakarta) to Ratna’s house is quite a distance. We decided to take a public transport. They are many alternatives on using the transportation of Jakarta as to reach Ratna’s house. We can take Busway TransJakarta, Taxi, Bus Kopaja, Angkut, Ojek or KRL ( Keretapi Rail Listrik).

We conclude by taking the busway. As normal we walked from my home to Ancol Station Busway Halte. We are so lucky as the bus arrived on time when we reached the station.

From Ancol Station, we alighted at Matraman Station.

View of the busy junction at Matraman Halte and Matraman 2 Halte
Building next to Matraman Halte
Busway TransJakarta at Matraman Halte

From Matraman Halte, we walked to Matraman 2 Halte. We took another Busway Jakarta to Dukuh Atas Halte Station.

To end the journey, we took another busway Tranjakarta to Ragunan Station. RAGUNAN STATION is the place where you can visit the Zoo

We reached Ragunan Station at About 12.45pm WIB (Waktu Indonesia Barat)

Infront of Jakarta Zoo

From Ragunan station, we took a Taxi to Ratna’s house. We reached Ratna’s house safely. Her house is beautiful. The concept is like a villa. She decorated her house with Santa Claus and Christmas decoration.

We started with eating fruits. My wife Happy brought fruits salad that she had prepared from home. For lunch, Ratna had prepared Rendang, Sambal Goreng Hati and Taoge oseng Tahu. I love all the dishes that Ratna had prepared for us.

After lunch, the rain started to fall. I love the dizzling rain. We sat at her garden. While having tea, we had a great chit chat. Talking about the reunion that we had at Bali.

After Asar, we decided to go home. Ratna decided to sent us to the KRL station. We went home by KRL  to Jakartakota Station. KotaTua.