Bekasi. Widow Soup. Sop Janda


Sop Janda Bekasi

Today 6th January 2016. Our last day to be in Jakarta.  We just want to spent our time preparing for our trip to Jogja tomorrow morning. However as I had discovered that there are some mistake done with the T-shirt that I had bought from BLOK M. The guy had forgotten to embroid our name.

We went to BLOK M and had our T-shirt embroided. After than, we went to Gramedia. I bought a new updated book Quantum Ikhlas . Erbi Sentanu.

Happy met her ex working colleague name Mbk Latifah.

20160106_164111Happy wanted to try the Sop Janda (Widow Soup) Janda is a combination of two names Jawa and Sunda…so creative


Mbk Latifah drove us from BLOK M . South Jakarta to Bekasi. Before we go for our dinner at Sop Janda, Mbk Latifah brought us to UNISMA. Universitas Islam 45 to fetch another friend of Happy and Mbk Latifah.

Infront of UNISMA

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Photo of UNISMA

We had our Asar prayer at UNISMA mosque which are located at the centre of UNISMA.


Happy is infront of Civil Engineering Laboratory. Her placed of work in 1997 to 2006.

It turn out that Happy’s friend was not able to join us for Sop Janda culinary. When than headed to Sop Janda

Happy and Mbk Latifah


Happy’s choice : Sop Janda Kikil
Mbk Latifah’s choice: Sop Janda Asli
Kasmani’s choice : Pindang Pedas Ikan Patin


Dessert : Sop Buah Janda

We had a great Dinner at Sop Janda.

We are being entertained by Pengamen (Street Musician). He sang uncompleted songs for us. Hahaha..because we gave him some money and immediately he disappeared. We should not have given him the money before he completed singing..thats our mistake…


We left Bekasi after our dinner. Mbk Latifah sent us to BEKASI Station KRL. We reached home and prepared all the stuffs for Jogja’s trip.


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